Broadband Speed Test

Sorry there was a problem checking your details. Please check you have entered the correct telephone number and then press 'Start Test' again.

Getting started

Before you start the speed test follow these three steps below to ensure you get accurate results.

Once you've set all that up you're ready to run the speed test.

Test from home

Use on your home phone line

The BT Broadband speed tester is designed to be run from your home telephone line and may not work from other lines.

Connect with wires

Connect via a cable

For the most accurate results, your computer should be connected to your Home Hub router using an Ethernet cable and any wireless connections disabled. More information on connecting using an Ethernet cable >

Disconnect other services

Close other open programs

Make sure no other devices or people use the broadband connection during the speed test. For the best results, close all other programs and internet browsers running on your computer and stop any active downloads.

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